We got our start in 1999 at a frat party on the upper floor of the Story Mansion in Bozeman, Montana. Since then we’ve played almost 1000 shows which has allowed us to tour around the western half of the US and occasionally share the stage with some pretty cool and respectable bands like Dierks Bentley, Barenaked Ladies, Blackhawk, and the Kentucky Headhunters.  Most of our shows are at music venues that hold between 200 and 600 people.  We always feel like we know everyone in the room even when lots of people are seeing us for the first time.

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A few fun Clintons facts…


clintons12000 | Kinky | Lyrics | iTunes

Kinky remains a classic with songs like the light-hearted groove rocker, “Little Miss Perfect” and the title track, “Kinky”, written about having the hots for an airline attendant. Both of which remain in the set list at every live show. If you’re a new fan, Kinky will give you a surprising and possibly entertaining glimpse into how we got our start.

clintons2 copy2002 | Who Invited Roger | Lyrics | iTunes

Who Invited Roger was produced by critically acclaimed, award winning, Ken Mary, who has been involved with more than 30 albums selling 5 million copies worldwide. You’ll find radio-ready, pop-rock tunes that capture the quirkier side of The Clintons. The song, “Baltimore”, received several months of radio play on Phoenix’s infamous The Edge 103.9. WIR is probably most noted for the song “Fan Of The Bean”, a song written about John’s battle with caffeine addiction that eventually landed him in treatment…ok…he didn’t actually go through treatment.


2005 | Strange Day in Mexico | Lyrics | iTunes

On SDIM you’ll find the obvious favorites “Come With Me” and ” Sex On The Radio” which were played heavily on Bozeman’s Clear Channel station, KISS FM. On “College Daze”, McLellan revisits the blurry days and drunken nights of being in college. Although “Abercrombie Jeans” is quite a left field addition to the record, it’s humor and energy couldn’t describe the nature of The Clintons any better. 

clintons52007 | Not Fighters | Lyrics | iTunes

The John Mayer-esque “Time of Day” is a summertime love song that puts listeners on the front porch with their significant other during a breezy summer day, wind chimes and all. The synthesized and funky production of the band’s good-times ode to childhood escapism as an adult, “Grant Wants to be a Pirate,” will inspire you to leave the real world for a fantastic life on the Seven Seas.

The record is riddled with guest musicians including their friends Tony Furtado on banjo and slide guitar, Rick Winking from Montana Rose on lead guitar, Scott Morales on clav and organ, and a vocal cameo from the sultry Paige Rasmussen.


2008 | Have Another | Lyrics | iTunes 

Only ten months after releasing “Not Fighters,” we surprised everyone (even ourselves) by putting this CD out.  Other than Strange Day in Mexico, this is probably our favorite.  Only time will tell if that’s simply because it’s our newest or if it’s because it’s really our best produced and a great (although eclectic) collection of songs.

decade-clintons-band-cd-cover-art2009 | Decade the Best of 10 Years | iTunes

Decade: The Best of 10 years has 14 classic songs and 5 brand new songs.  If you order the physical CD the liner notes contain a time-line depicting 34 notable & interesting happenings and 27 photos that span over the last ten years.

When we all get drunk together and talk about the last ten years, we realize a couple things; a.) We wouldn’t exchange those ten years for anything and  b.) we’ve come a long way, but not really.  We’re just now getting the hang of this whole music thing and we’re way more excited for the next ten years than we are about dwelling in the past ten years and c.) A.J. probably got the better end of the ten years.  Lucky bastard.

sellout2011 | Sellout | iTunes

Sellout was 100% fan funded and is a testament to the loyalty of Clintons fans everywhere.  When The Clintons started the Kickstarter project asking fans to pledge between $10 and $1000 towards the recording of the new CD and the filming of the album’s first music video, the fans answered with an amazing $21,141 in only 30 days.

Sellout was produced by the band’s former bass player, Andrew Petroff.