Anti-Smoking Hate Mail: Do you agree?


The email quoted below was sent by one “Chris Lowney” at exactly 2:44am Mountain time this morning.  I’m assuming he didn’t use his real name.  I made the above graphic for added drama.  Cool, eh?  Here’s how I made it.

“i would just like to throw in a word for all the dirty horrible cigarette smokers who paid covers over the years to see your shows, who you now hypocritically  turn your backs on cuz it “roaches” your  voice? smoke some more weed and realize that we “smokers” made you the  marginally successful bar band you are.
sign me-never pay 2 see u again!”

I guess I don’t get the “hypocritical” comment since none of us smoke.  The weed thing?  Cute, but we’re anything but weed smokers.  And when have we ever said we hate smokers?  We have PLENTY of friends who smoke and we’re fine with that.  All we’re asking you to do is have the respect to take it outside when we’re trying to do our job.  Do you really expect me to think a REAL fan would get pissed at us for suggesting that she not smoke at a show?

You won’t hurt my feelings if you agree.  But I want to hear your response, good or bad.  Obviously responding to this guy is just as much of a waste of time as working out everyday and then eating hamburger helper and nut rolls all day long.

But IF you were to respond, what would you say? I want to hear some witty stuff.  Rip on me, rip on him.  I don’t care.  Have fun.

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