ATTENTION: If you’re planning a street dance, a festival, or a private party, you’re about to book the most interactive and original band ever.
For the rest of your life, your guests will remind you of how AWESOME you are for hosting that GREAT party or show.

BUT…Sometimes you get put in charge of organizing an event and the committee wants an inexpensive, run-of-the-mill cover band.   You know, to provide background ambiance or something.

If this is the case, The Clintons are definitely NOT the right fit for you.  Perhaps this is a better place to look.

The Clintons are dynamic and spontaneous, just like your guests.  Have you ever been to an improv show?

The actors probably have a framework to guide them through the show but they use the energy and feedback of the audience to determine which tricks get pulled out at what time.

This gets your party roaring with excitement and spontaneity!

What sort of “tricks” do the Clintons have up their sleeve, you ask?  Over 70 dance party, story telling-style songs from 7 all original studio albums and/or the occasional cover song mash-up, party song that can make it’s way into a night depending on the type of show they’re playing.

Now THIS is the stuff life-long stories are made of…

If you’re planning the event, make sure your guests are stroking your ego all night with praise: just book the Clintons.

To convince your event or festival committee that the Clintons are the perfect fit, try this out for size:

“The Clintons have literally played 1000 shows since they started in ’99, everyone I’ve talked to says they’re a TON of fun. There are so many unknowns about this event that we really need to get a band who can pull a party out of their a$&es no matter what happens.”

If THAT doesn’t work, how about…

“These guys have an amazingly supportive fan base who loves them so much that they raised over $21,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter for their new record.  How can they possibly have this AWESOME of a fan base without being an AWESOME band?”

Speaking of awesome…

YOU are awesome.  You’re still reading this because deep down you REALLY want your event to be an experience and not just another forgettable party where everyone says “great party, Susan” but inside they’re thinking “if I leave now I can still catch the season finale of Dancing With The Stars”.

We’re talking about The Clintons. They’ve been in the party business for over a decade.  They’ve forgotten more stuff about making an event AMAZINGLY FUN than most people will ever know about the subject…

That’s why they’re still doing this after a decade; THEY LOVE IT!

What now?

So you’re thinking, “I’ve read this entire page so I can’t possibly stop now!”

You’re right!

So fill out the cute little form below to learn about booking costs, availability, and other important information to see if The Clintons are a good fit for you.  The odds are good.  It’s surprisingly affordable for you to have a one-of-a-kind party of a lifetime.

After you hit submit, you’ll get an auto reply email with a link to download the Clintons Booking Info sheet.

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