New Clintons CD: Time to reinvent?

I’d love to get lots of feedback on this topic, so if you don’t mind, type some shit in the form of a comment at the bottom!

Get your friends to hook me up with feedback too:

Ok, so we released Have Another in 2008. It usually takes a year or so for me to get a feel for how good the last CD REALLY was. In the case of Have Another, I’d have to say that it’s one of my faves. We play Jesus, Real Man, She’s a Chimney, Undercover World, Senior Kegger, & Dub T Bootay at almost every show and they’re all still really fun to play.

We’ve got a pile of new songs that we haven’t even tried to play live yet. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to approach the production of the next CD. Here are some factors that come to mind:

1.) We just released “Decade: The Best of 10 Years” so it would be cool to put everything in the past and sort of start with a totally fresh approach that doesn’t abandon what we’ve built, but that might be a little uncomfortable at first.

2.) I’ve Got The Clap is a tongue-in-cheek, comedy song that doesn’t really represent Clintons music but at the same time, it’s by far our most popular song when you consider 250k Youtube views in 3 months. Do we incorporate a few of our best non-serious comedy type songs? (Ferretmeister, I’m Irish, I Aint Shittn Ya, Keehr Beer, etc)

3.) We’re far past trying to “make it” in the sense of being an MTV or VH1 artist or being mentioned in the same sentence as Katy Perry or Keith Urban. You see, we’ve already “made it” as far as we’re concerned. We’ve got the most die-hard and loyal fan base any band could ever want. We’re proud of what we have. Yes, we want more fans but our first priority is to make you, our existing fan, shit your pants because we released the best Clintons record you’ve ever heard.

So my question to you is:

What is that one element you’ve always hoped for in a Clintons CD but you’ve never gotten? Any other ideas (left field, legit or not legit)? If you don’t have anything constructive to say, please just make something up and/or be a total smart ass. In our world, even those types of comments can stir up ideas for us.