The Giggles: I’ve Got The Clap

A few years ago the band was on a long Minnesota tour.  During one of our off days we decided to head down to the neighborhood Wal Mart and peruse the isles for ideas for a video skit.  The only thing we walked away with was a Wiggles CD.  That shit was funny as hell!  We cranked it in Josh’s Mom’s Neon while rolling through parking lots with the windows down.  We went back to the Wal Mart the next day to buy four colorful shirts for our skit.  By now, we’d had time to jot down some ideas for “dirty Wiggles songs”.  In other words, songs that kids could listen to that would make grown ups laugh.

We actually never got around to filming anything.  The meat, cheese, and beer got in the way.  Sometime later we were in the van for a long trip and we actually managed to brainstorm some songs.  John eventually arranged and recorded a few that we played on our Monday podcast, but we soon forgot about them.

Randomly we discovered that “I’ve Got The Clap” was made into a ringtone and had since gone viral.  Several videos titled Dirty Wiggles Song: The Clap, had gotten over 50,000 views each before being taken down by the Wiggles.  We even found evidence of I’ve Got The Clap being played by radio morning shows!  Now well over 100,000 views later, we’ve actually published these songs ourselves.  Feel free to download them for free;)

We can’t stop laughing at what a big deal this has turned into.  We’re inspired to keep writing and recording for The Giggles!

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